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As families and friends spend another Thanksgiving weekend in a pandemic, experts say indoor gatherings are an elevated level of risk, especially as cases surge in the Prairie provinces. Marney Blunt looks at the varying restrictions between provinces, as concerns remain high that the holiday could alter Canada’s COVID-19 trajectory.

Alberta’s COVID-19 crisis also continues to become increasingly severe, as hospitals fill up amid mixed messaging from the province on vaccines. Now, as Jill Croteau reports, maternal physicians and intensive care units are facing even more difficult decisions, as pregnant unvaccinated patients are also admitted in droves.

Whether online or in stores, North American shoppers may have noticed that everyday items are becoming hard to find, and costs are soaring. The reason? Mounting backlogs at ports and too few workers to get the goods to stores. Jennifer Johnson explains how it may also shake up holiday shopping plans in the months ahead.

In Quebec, hearings have now wrapped regarding Bill 96, a proposed law the province says aims to strengthen and defend French as the official language. But as Tim Sargeant reports, minority groups and Montreal businesses remain concerned about the law’s potential impact on Anglophones.

Police in Nova Scotia are still offering few answers on the murder of Prabhjot Singh Katri, a Sikh man who was fatally stabbed in Truro in September. As Ross Lord reports, the lack of details are sparking fears among members of the Sikh community that the crime was motivated by hate.

And, a family in Ontario is celebrating a life well-lived this Thanksgiving weekend, as Canadian Second World War veteran Grahame Clapp marks his 102nd birthday. Morgane Campbell looks at how his family and community banded together to honour a man who defied the odds and gave back to his country.

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