Global National Full Headlines for November 24

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Canada is facing extreme weather catastrophes on two different coasts, as an unprecedented storm lashes Atlantic Canada while British Columbia prepares for more punishing weather in the wake of a flooding disaster. Ross Lord surveys the destruction from the relentless rain in the Atlantic provinces, which also damaged another section of the Trans-Canada highway.

Despite parts of B.C. still trying bounce back from its extreme weather disaster, the province is bracing for more damaging storms that could hamper recovery efforts. Mike Armstrong explains how people are preparing, and the calls to add another military base in the province.

In the U.S., a jury has found three Georgia men guilty of murdering Ahmaud Arbery. Jackson Proskow reports on the reaction to the verdict, and why the legal troubles for the killers, Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William Bryan Jr. are not over yet.

In Ottawa, Canada’s political parties were back for more verbal battles as MPs gathered in Parliament for their first question period since the federal election. Mike Le Couteur has more on how the Conservative opposition showed up in attack mode and why COVID-19 policies triggered heated debates.

Plus, Canada’s surging dairy costs are expected to soar even higher in 2022. The Canadian Dairy Commission is proposing record hikes that will give the country’s dairy farmers a bigger payoff. As Eric Sorensen reports, critics say the Crown corporation is giving more weight to producers than consumers when setting prices.

It may sound like a Hollywood blockbuster, but NASA’s latest mission is very real. The space agency has just launched DART, a spacecraft designed to smash into an asteroid and possibly alter its course. Mike Drolet explains how it could help stop dangerous space debris from hitting our planet.

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