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A devastating development out of British Columbia: the death toll from the catastrophic flooding and landslides has now risen to four. The RCMP says the bodies of three men have been recovered from a slide on Highway 99 near Lillooet. Officials say a fifth man is still missing, but search efforts have been suspended because of poor conditions.

In southern B.C., the situation in Abbotsford remains in flux. Many portions of the Sumas Prairie remain underwater. Saturday afternoon the city provided an update on the situation and there is some positive news. Mike Armstrong is in Abbotsford with the very latest.

Major roads and highways were taken out by the floods and mudslides so no trucks can get in or out. That’s led to supply issues and to address that, the province has limited fuel purchases to 30 litres at a time. But the conservation measure is fuelling a new problem. Paul Johnson has more.

The federal government says American visitors will still need a PCR test and there’s a new mandate for truckers, considered essential workers, who go back and forth over the border. They’ll have to be vaccinated. As David Akin reports, this patchwork of rules has irked the travel industry.

There were angry demonstrations across the United States Friday night — a show of outrage over the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse. A jury found the 18-year-old not guilty of murdering two men he shot last year during an anti-racism protest in Kenosha, Wis. As Jennifer Johnson reports, Rittenhouse may be free, but he could face more legal action.

There are mounting concerns about peace and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Balkan nation’s long-standing power-sharing deal is at risk of crumbling. It was put in place 26 years ago to end the brutal ethnic war that claimed tens of thousands of lives. As Redmond Shannon explains, the leader of the country’s Serbian region has threatened to split up key institutions, including the army.

Life is getting more expensive and we know you already know that. Well, Statistics Canada is validating your concerns. The latest inflation snapshot for October reveals the cost of living is up 4.7 per cent in the past year and the interest rates are low. As Anne Gaviola reports, that combination is not good for your bank account.

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