Global National Full Headlines for November 16

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Communities throughout British Columbia are devastated, after mudslides and raging floodwaters washed out roads and communities. Robin Gill surveys the destruction and hears from Global News photographer Mike Timbrell about his frightening encounter with a mudslide.

Meanwhile, the floodwaters are slowly starting to recede in Merritt, British Columbia, just months after wildfires destroyed the city. Heather Yourex-West spoke to some evacuees about how they’re coping.

Survivors of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces are still waiting for an apology from the federal government, as the number of claimants in a class-action lawsuit continues to rise. Mercedes Stephenson explains how this apology will be different from other high-profile apologies the federal Liberal government has issued.

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole has now kicked Saskatchewan Sen. Denise Batters out of the party’s national caucus, after she launched a petition calling for an immediate leadership review. As David Akin reports, O’Toole is finding support from within the party.

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has struck a deal to let generic drug manufacturers produce its experimental COVID-19 antiviral pill, in an effort to make treatments more accessible to lower-income countries. But as Crystal Goomansingh explains, the deal only involves about half of the world’s population.

And Russia is drawing international condemnation after it test-fired a missile to destroy one of its own older satellites. But as Eric Sorensen explains, the resulting debris created a dangerous chain reaction and ignited questions about what the Kremlin is really up to.

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