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On Canada’s west coast, torrential, prolonged rain has washed out highways, trapped hundreds of people in their vehicles and forced thousands of people from their homes. All major highways connecting the lower mainland to the rest of British Columbia are affected. Extreme rainfall has led to multiple landslides on Highway 7 between Agassiz and Hope. Provincial officials say 275 people, including 50 children, have been stranded for hours between two slides. Search and rescue teams have been deployed.

Last night the Agassiz Fire Department managed to rescue 12 people from their vehicles which were filling with water and debris. There’s also major flooding in the greater Vancouver area and as the rain subsides, gale-force winds are forecast to move in. Robin Gill is in Abbotsford with more.

Some regions in B.C. have received more rain in the past 36 hours than they usually get in the entire month of November. Global News Meteorologist Yvonne Schalle has more on what’s caused this extreme rain and what’s coming next.

Members of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation, outside of Sarnia, Ont. say they have not been treated as equal partners by the provincial government – and for years have been denied access to critical air pollution documents. It wasn’t until Global News contacted the ministry for answers, that data showing alarming levels of pollution was finally shared. Carolyn Jarvis reports.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s leadership is under threat by member of his own party. More than one quarter of United Conservative Party Constituency Associations are now asking for an early leadership review. Tom Vernon has more.

In the UK the terror threat has moved up a notch to severe after a terrorist incident outside a hospital in Liverpool. Police say a homemade bomb detonated in the back of a taxi killing the passenger, but the driver managed to jump out and survive. Four men are being held and questioned under the terrorism act as police investigate. Crystal Goomansingh reports.

Supply chain issues are affecting businesses of all kinds, especially retailers who rely on imports. As Anne Gaviola reports, big companies tend to be more flexible and resilient than small to medium sized ones which are worried what the holiday season might bring.

In Nova Scotia bird-watchers have been captivated by an eagle that is normally spotted half a world away. It’s a Steller’s Sea Eagle, a rare arctic bird that can be bigger than a bald eagle and is typically seen in China, Japan, Korea and the east coast of Russia. As Ross Lord explains, bird watchers are flocking to catch a glimpse of this winged-wanderer.

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