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As the dust settles on the COP26 climate summit, how it went depends on whom you ask. A deal may have been struck – but an 11th hour edit to soften the language around coal is causing concern among developing nations more vulnerable to the effects of global warming. But Canada is championing the deal as a ground breaking success. Abigail Bimman reports.

There’s another piece to the climate change puzzle that Canada must confront. Warmer temperatures in the Arctic are thawing permafrost – which accounts for 40 per cent of Canada’s surface. And that big melt is releasing carbon that has been locked away for centuries. Not only that, life is being disrupted in these remote northern communities. Eric Sorensen explains.

New lockdowns are being imposed in parts of Europe that are once again the epicentre of COVID-19. In Austria the measures are stringent, targeting the unvaccinated. And that has led to protests. But as Jennifer Johnson explains, the situation in Europe may serve as a warning for North America.

The Biden administration in Washington has voiced support for Poland in its ongoing border standoff with Belarus. It comes as the Polish government considers asking NATO to hold emergency talks over the escalating situation. Caught in the middle, thousands of cold, hungry migrants are growing more desperate by the day. Critics say they are being taken advantage of in what essentially amounts to a propaganda war. Redmond Shannon reports.

In just over a week the 44th Parliament of Canada will begin. And it will be the first to include a minister of mental health and addictions. It’s a significant step – but the government has released few details about the new ministry. And as David Akin explains, an all-party group of MPs is encouraging parliamentarians to make sure they focus on the mental health of Canadians and their own.

Endometriosis is an extremely painful gynecological disorder affecting more than half a million women in Canada. But experts believe that number is much larger. Thousands of patients are being misdiagnosed and even worse ignored. As Jamie Maraucher reports, doctors at one Toronto hospital are sounding the alarm on what the call a substandard quality of care.

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