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Breaking news from Glasgow, Scotland where delegates at COP26 have finally reached an agreement – but a last minute change to the text proposed by India has infuriated many countries and prompted the president of the climate summit to say sorry. “I apologize for the way this process has unfolded and I’m deeply sorry,” COP26 President Alok Sharma said. The change weakens the language on the use of coal in the efforts to cut emissions. Redmond Shannon has more.

The climate crisis will also be on the agenda next week in Washington, when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with U.S. President Joe Biden and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The leaders will attend the first “Three Amigos” summit since 2016. Mercedes Stephenson has been talking to Canada’s ambassador in Washington about the issues.

COVID-19 cases are once again rising in some provinces, leaving officials to consider their next steps to limit the spread. But the concern is highest in Yukon, which has become Canada’s new COVID-19 hotspot. Abigail Bimman reports.

In the U.S., 47 million Americans have been infected with the virus: that’s nearly 15 per cent of the population. New cases are increasing by about a million people every two weeks. And at least 14 states are reporting an uptick in hospitalizations. With American Thanksgiving approaching, medical experts say the situation could get worse. Jennifer Johnson reports.

A powerful gang leader in Haiti says he will lift a month long blockade of fuel terminals that has cut off gas supplies and made everyday life on the island nation even more difficult. The country has endured a year of back-to-back crisis – the assassination of its president, a powerful earthquake and a string of kidnappings. And as the turmoil worsens, the Canadian and U.S. governments have urged all of their citizens to leave. Some Canadians living in Haiti plan to stay put, but say Ottawa needs to do more to help the country. Kamil Karamali reports.

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