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In our top story: Alberta became the latest province to lay out plans for easing COVID-19 restrictions on Wednesday. The province just weeks ago had Canada’s highest number of active infections and now has the fastest reopening plan in the country. If enough people get vaccinated, Premier Jason Kenney says all restrictions could be lifted by early July, just in time for the Calgary Stampede. The reopening plan, like other provinces, is linked to vaccinations. But as Heather Yourex-West explains, he’s already getting pushback for moving too fast.

The decline in case numbers in Ontario has given hope for a return to in-classroom learning before school’s out for the summer. While some parents want their children to have the opportunity to go back, others believe it only makes sense to keep them to stay home and avoid any new outbreaks. As Eric Sorensen explains, with weeks left in the school year, it’s crunch-time for the Ontario government to come up with a plan.

The federal government is getting just a passing grade for the handling of the personal protective equipment (PPE) issue in the first weeks of the pandemic.. Canada’s auditor general says when the pressure mounted, the government quickly acquired $7 billion worth of desperately needed PPE and medical devices. But as David Akin reports, it failed to address long-standing issues with the national stockpile.

Dominic Cummings, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s former top advisor, has turned on Johnson, who he now calls unfit for the job. He says Johnson’s handling of the pandemic has been chaotic and accuses the PM of making constant U-turns. Crystal Goomansingh reports on the scathing testimony from the man who helped get Johnson elected.

There is still no certainty about the origins of the novel coronavirus. And now the theory that it might have been an accidental leak from a lab in Wuhan, China is gaining traction. U.S. President Joe Biden has ordered an intelligence review of the possible scenarios. Jackson Proskow reports on what’s triggered this and why it’s so important to find the answer.

There are all kinds of options these days if you don’t or can’t drink cow’s milk. From almond milk to soy milk, there are many options including from oats. Oat milk has actually been around for decades, but now it’s really taken off and become a multi-billion dollar product. Mike Drolet explains why it’s booming.

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