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In our top story: Manitoba’s premier is making a direct plea to U.S. President Joe Biden. The province is struggling with a surge of COVID-19 cases and the pandemic’s third wave has put the province’s health-care system on the brink of collapse. Premier Brian Pallister believes Biden can help by sending more vaccines. Their neighbour North Dakota has an excess vaccine and is willing to share but not allowed to export them. Marney Blunt reports that a lack of vaccines aren’t the only problem facing the province.

As more Canadians receive a COVID-19 vaccine, a growing number is also in favour of using vaccine passports to reopen the economy. Jeff Semple explains.

And as younger Canadians become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, more and more people are rolling up their sleeves to get the shot. Some Canadians are worried about getting the vaccine but an Ipsos poll done exclusively for Global News shows most Canadians will get the jab as soon as they can without any hesitation. Jamie Mauracher reports.

The conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Gaza has led to an alarming rise in attacks on Jewish people in the U.S. It’s happening in two forms, vicious violence and online vitriol. Jennifer Johnson has the story.

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds are preparing for a summer flying season that no one was sure would come. The return to the skies follows a sombre anniversary. One year ago a crash in Kamloops, B.C. claimed the life of Snowbirds Capt. Jennifer Casey. As Paul Johnson reports, the sight of the planes is a sign that getting back to normal is on the horizon.

Plus, it’s the May long weekend and so many Canadians are stuck at home. It’s been a long year with little to no travel so when will Ottawa open up the international border? Mercedes Stephenson put the question to the Liberal government to try and find out.

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