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Optimism for a freer summer is growing in Canada, as cases decline and vaccinations rise. But in Alberta, the deadly COVID-19 outbreak at Canadian Natural Resources Limited’s Horizon worksite in the province’s oilsands continues to worsen. As Heather Yourex-West reports, the staff live and work in close quarters, and some workers have told Global News they felt they were not properly protected from the coronavirus.

In Quebec, Premier Fran├žois Legault is looking forward to a “summer of freedom,” as he unveils his road map to reopening the province, which includes easing rules on face masks. Mike Armstrong reports on how Quebec got through the third wave and when the province’s curfew will be lifted.

As Canada gradually emerges from the third COVID-19 wave, some people are wondering if there will be a fourth wave. Eric Sorensen reports on why experts say a fourth wave would be less threatening, and how there’s cautious optimism about the summer ahead.

The deadly conflict in the Middle East rages on, as airstrikes and rocket attacks between Israel and Hamas persist. Homes have been destroyed and essential services have been disrupted. Redmond Shannon spoke to Gazans living in the line of fire about what they’re enduring.

The COVID-19 shots from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna fall under a new category of vaccines – messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines. Scientists call the technology a game changer. Jamie Mauracher reports on the hope mRNA vaccines could be effective at fighting other diseases.

And there is a change in the air over how unidentified flying objects – or as the Pentagon calls them, unidentified aerial phenomena – are being treated. As David Akin explains, the U.S. military is now taking UFOs seriously and sightings of these mysterious things are becoming more common.

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