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Three children were wounded in Toronto after being caught in a crossfire at a toddler’s birthday party, and police are still trying to piece together what happened and who is responsible for the reckless behaviour. Katherine Ward reports.

In Saskatchewan, the province reached an important vaccination threshold, allowing it to lift many of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions that have been in place for months. As Roberta Bell reports, the stage has been set for dropping restrictions on masks in July.

As the COVID-19 crisis put a strain on Canada’s health care systems, doctors and health workers agree there’s a need for more physician assistants to help ease their burden. But as Ross Lord explains, their calls have so far gone unanswered.

Brazil’s COVID-19 deaths have surpassed half a million people— the second highest death toll in the world. The government is facing backlash for its handling of the pandemic and its low vaccination rates. As Mike Drolet explains, there are fears the situation in South America’s largest country is going to get worse before it gets better.

Meanwhile, extreme weather is affecting millions in the United Sates. The remnants of Tropical Storm Claudette are soaking the Southeast, flooding areas of the Gulf Coast and spawning a tornado, while a drought and blistering heat conditions hammer the West. Jennifer Johnson reports.

Plus, people around the world are encouraged to recycle plastic water bottles and drink containers, but much of that reusable waste still ends up in landfills. Researchers in the U.K. may have found a new way to repurpose some of that plastic by turning it into an ingredient for a popular flavouring used in ice cream. Redmond Shannon has the surprising new scoop.

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