Global National Full Headlines for July 29

Published on July 30, 2021 by

How did police and firefighters in Sherbrooke, Que., mistake a woman’s burned body for a mannequin? Mike Armstrong has more on their horrifying error, and how her remains ended up in a dumpster.

Heather Yourex-West reports on the fears as Alberta phases out its pandemic protocols, even as the province’s COVID-19 cases resurge.

With America’s COVID-19 vaccination rates declining, U.S. President Joe Biden and some companies are trying new tactics to get the reluctant to roll up their sleeves. Jackson Proskow looks into the chances of shots being mandated in the country.

Now that more than 80 per cent of eligible Canadians are at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19, hospitals across the country are facing pressure to lift restrictions on visitors. Caryn Lieberman explains how these policies may be doing more harm than good.

Plus, a woman’s place is on the podium. Redmond Shannon reports on the athletes behind every Olympic medal Canada has won in Tokyo so far.

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