Global National Full Headlines for July 17

Published on July 18, 2021 by

Nova Scotia is heading to the polls August 17 in their first summer election in nearly 20 years and the latest Canadian provincial election to be held during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the governing Liberals are hoping voters will focus on their handling of the pandemic, leader Iain Rankin has been forced to focus on his handling of two charges of driving under the influence in the early 2000s. As Ross Lord reports, the timing of the election could still benefit the incumbent government.

Calls are growing for the government of British Columbia to declare a state of emergency over the province’s devasting wildfires. Thousands of people are under evacuation orders or alerts. It’s not just B.C. burning up, with sweltering heat also causing fires in parts of the Prairies and Northern Ontario. But as Catherine Urquhart reports, help is on the way.

Dozens of wildfires are also scorching parts of the U.S. this weekend. Evacuations have been ordered for many people, with about two million under red flag alerts that there are fires burning out of control. As Jennifer Johnson reports, there are concerns climate change could make the situation even worse.

More Canadians continue to get vaccinated for COVID-19, with more than 56 per cent of those eligible fully vaccinated and 80 per cent with at least one dose. But the “Gen Z” group is showing hesitancy to roll up their sleeves. Jamie Mauracher reports on the mission to get this age group to get their shot.

In the communist country of Cuba, speaking out can have dire consequences. So scenes of thousands of people taking to the streets in recent days protesting the government are rare. Reggie Cecchini reports on the dissent born from desperation and the hope the world will take notice.

The race is on to stop an ecological disaster in the waters off Florida and to save the state’s marine mammal. Manatees are known to be quite resilient, learning to adapt to the environment around them. But this year, an unprecedented number has perished. Jackson Proskow explains why the sea creatures are starving to death and who’s to blame.

A Canadian entrepreneur is making a name for herself in the makeup industry. She started Cheekbone Beauty with only $500. Now she’s taking orders from the other side of the world. But her company is about more than just cosmetics. As Kayla McLean explains, it’s about empowering Indigenous people to believe in themselves.

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