Global National Full Headlines for July 16

Published on July 17, 2021 by

The city of Barrie, Ont., is cleaning up the catastrophic destruction left in the wake of a powerful tornado. As Mike Drolet reports, shocked residents are expressing gratitude that they made it through the storm alive

Rescue efforts are underway in parts of Germany and Belgium, where historic flooding has killed more than 125 people so far. As Crystal Goomansingh reports, officials expect that number to climb.

There are now 300 fires burning across British Columbia, where thousands have been forced to flee their homes. Paul Johnson reports on how residents of the town of 100 Mile House are dealing with one especially aggressive fire.

When will fully vaccinated foreigners be allowed to travel to Canada? As Abigail Bimman explains, there are hints it could be as early as mid-August when it comes to Canada’s southern neighbours.

With every state seeing a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, U.S. health officials are trying desperately to boost low vaccination rates in some parts of the country. Jackson Proskow reports on where restrictions are returning, as distrust threatens the country’s pandemic success.

Plus, Mike Drolet explains what a moon ‘wobble’ is, and what it has to do with new research by NASA scientists on future flooding in coastal communities.

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