Global National Full Headlines for July 12

Published on July 13, 2021 by

On tonight’s top story: unprecedented temperatures and bone-dry conditions have turned parts of the west coast into a tinderbox. More than 300 wildfires are burning in British Columbia. As Julia Foy reports, the RCMP has revealed more details on the probe into the fire that destroyed large parts of Lytton, B.C.

Meanwhile, wildfires on the U.S. west coast have destroyed more than 300,000 hectares of land. There are fears this fire season has the potential to outpace 2020, which was the worst on record. As Jennifer Johnson reports, this past weekend offered little relief.

The Canadian government announced on Monday that it would donate 17.7 million more doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to help lower-income countries. There are no plans to donate Pfizer or Moderna doses and as Abigail Bimman reports, it is still unclear whether Canadians will need to roll up their sleeves for a third dose.

British police are investigating disturbing allegations of racism following Sunday’s European Championship final at Wembley Stadium, in which Italy beat England in a tense penalty shootout. The three young English players who missed are being targeted with racist abuse. Redmond Shannon reports.

Police say they have captured a man who they believe helped organize the assassination of Haiti’s president. The suspect is a 63-year-old who has been living in Florida. Mike Armstrong has more on the arrest and the explosive allegations.

Canadians suffering with longterm COVID are becoming increasingly worried about their financial futures. A new federal report suggests more than half of patients might have symptoms that linger for months. As Anne Gaviola reports, some long-haulers looking for help say they’re falling through the cracks.

Italian-Canadian soccer fans are celebrating Italy’s big win over England at the European Championship on Sunday. And with pandemic restrictions easing, sport is bringing people back together. Mike Drolet explains.

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