Global National Full Headlines for July 11

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History has been made 86 kilometres above Earth, where billionaire Richard Branson travelled to the edge of space aboard his Virgin Galactic Unity-22 space plane. With the test flight done, the dream of commercial space travel is closer to reality for the richest in the world. But as Mike Drolet explains, the rest of us may have to dream a little longer.

Thousands of fans packed London’s Wembley Stadium to witness Italy defeat England in the UEFA Euro 2020 final. Redmond Shannon has the reaction to Europe’s latest football champion.

Wildfires and withering temperatures are scorching the U.S. The searing heat isn’t just making fire conditions worse, it’s hindering firefighting efforts in parts of California. Jennifer Johnson reports.

The University of Calgary is ending a once-popular program for oil and gas engineers. The school says fewer jobs in the industry have led to a big drop in demand for the course. As Heather Yourex-West explains, the energy sector is shifting away from fossil fuels, and future engineers are trying to find the right fit.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spent the week criss-crossing the country with cabinet ministers, and making funding announcements. These are the signs of an election. And to prepare for a summer campaign, each leader will have to make a specific pitch, the so-called “ballot question.” David Akin looks at the pitches to woo voters.

Researchers in Nova Scotia are baffled over the number of bats they’re seeing. A decade ago, a fungus wiped out 90 per cent of the province’s bats. The disease spread across North America, killing millions of these winged mammals. But as Ross Lord explains, the bats appear to be coming back.

There’s no low-cost carrier when it comes to space travel. A seat on Virgin Galactic’s space plane will cost a quarter-million — once commercial flights begin. A Winnipeg doctor has her ticket and her place in line. And as Joe Scarpelli reports, her dream is closer to becoming reality.

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