Global National Full Headlines for December 11

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At least 70 people are feared dead after multiple tornadoes ripped through midwest and southern U.S. states overnight. Rescue missions are underway in Kentucky and there is help coming from the federal government. Jennifer Johnson has more.

Meanwhile, frontline staff in hospitals across Canada are once again feeling a sense of dread in light of the Omicron COVID-19 variant. As Brittany Rosen reports, there is fear more workers could walk off the job with cases on the rise.

Canada could be on the verge of another trade war with the U.S. Ottawa is threatening a retaliatory barrage of punitive tariffs if Washington moves forward with a controversial electric vehicle tax credit. Mike Le Couteur breaks down the policy, and how Canada plans to respond.

A former Canadian ambassador to China is calling for a clearer policy with Beijing. He says Canada’s diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Winter Olympics is the right call, but firmer action is needed. Abigail Bimman has more.

B.C.’s chief coroner says October was the worst month yet in the province’s nearly six-year overdose crisis. 2021 is already the deadliest year on record. Rumina Daya spoke to one man about his road to recovery and what he says needs to be done to save more lives.

New Zealand plans to ban young people from ever buying cigarettes in their lifetime in one of the world’s toughest crackdowns on the tobacco industry. Mike Drolet explains.

Plus, Google has released its list of “top trending searches” of the year. It shows what millions of us looked up or wanted to learn more about and as Jackson Proskow explains, the answers tell a surprising amount about ourselves.

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