Global National Full Headlines for August 9

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A sweeping new report by the United Nations sounds the alarm about the planet’s irreversible climate change, blaming humans for the crisis. Heather Yourex-West explains the grim findings, how climate change can affect health and the economy, and what experts say is needed to avoid the worst-case scenario.

And Global National’s Robin Gill spoke to Environment Canada’s Xuebin Zhang, one of the report’s authors, about the findings, and what people can do to limit global warming.

In British Columbia, wildfire danger remains high in parts of the province, as the White Rock Lake fire continues to devastate communities between Kamloops and Vernon. Emad Agahi explains what’s in the weather forecast that could fan the flames.

From North America to Europe, unprecedented wildfires are also flaring up around the world, as record-breaking temperatures fuel some of the worst blazes in years. As Jackson Proskow explains, scientists warn it’s a glimpse of the future because of climate change.

Plus, after 17 months of measures at the border, fully vaccinated Americans are now able to visit Canada. But as Abigail Bimman reports, the excitement is matched with trepidation, as COVID-19 infections continue to surge on both sides of the border.

Also, speculation is growing Canada is inching toward another federal election, but the Liberals could be taking a risk in calling a vote. Mercedes Stephenson looks at the potential liability, and the questions about whether the Liberals can actually call a vote.

And Beijing is months away from hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, but calls are growing to boycott the event over China’s human rights record. Crystal Goomansingh explains how Canada is responding.

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