Global National Full Headlines for August 4

Published on August 5, 2021 by

Canada made history at the Summer Games once again, as sprinter Andre De Grasse nabbed the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, shattering records. Crystal Goomansingh explains how his mother was confident he would emerge victorious.

Also, there are accusations of racism against police in Repentigny, Quebec, after officers shot and killed a Black man named Jean-René “Junior” Olivier. As Olivia O’Malley explains, police say Olivier threatened them with a knife, but his family says racism motivated the shooting.

Reaction is pouring in about Ontario’s strategy to keep COVID-19 out of classrooms this fall, as it’s back-to-school pandemic plan includes spending $25 million on air filters. Is it enough? Seán O’Shea hears why air quality experts have their reservations about the provincial government’s strategy.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still far from over, two Canadian medical organizations are now calling on mandatory vaccinations for health workers. Abigail Bimman explains which province is open to the idea, the legal questions for employers, and what could encourage more workers to get the shot.

In Afghanistan, as the last U.S. troops are preparing to leave at the end of August, the Taliban continues to gain ground against government forces there, threatening the safety of Afghans who provided critical support to Canadian troops in the war on terror. Redmond Shannon updates on the race to help these people and their families, and has more on a surprise reunion between one Canadian veteran and an Afghan helper.

Plus, a look at the nuttier version of the Olympics: how one man created his own sporting event in his backyard, with squirrels as competitors.

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