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After this week’s deadly suicide bombing by ISIS-K at Kabul’s airport, U.S. President Joe Biden is warning more attacks are likely. But what will Afghan refugees do now as they continue to face a hopeless situation – and what is Canada doing about it? Redmond Shannon reports.

Plus, in Canada’s federal election campaign, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was forced to cancel his campaign event in Bolton, Ontario on Friday, after a large group of unruly anti-vaccine protesters showed up triggering security concerns. As Mike Le Couteur reports, party leaders are condemning the profanity-laced demonstration.

Meanwhile, the New Democrats are campaigning hard in Canada’s northern regions, as the party tries to make gains with the Indigenous population. As David Akin reports, it’s a conscious effort by the party that’s already seen praise for putting Indigenous issues and leaders at the forefront.

In the United States, doctors are seeing a rash of self-inflicted poisonings, as people infected with COVID-19 try to self-medicate against the virus using Ivermectin. The drug treats lice and parasites and it’s being sold in doses meant for livestock. As Jackson Proskow reports, it’s the latest unproven cure that’s being pushed by anti-vaxxers.

And as climate change continues to grip California, a summer of record heat and drought conditions have fueled deadly wildfires. As Rob Malcolm explains, the impact is having a devastating effect on salmon.

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