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The clock is ticking for foreign nations including Canada to complete evacuation flights out of Afghanistan. The federal government warns it may not be able to rescue everyone who is eligible to come to this country. As Redmond Shannon reports some Afghans desperate for Canada’s help say Canadian Forces at the airport are turning them away.

With COVID-19 cases rising in Canada there was yet again no briefing from the Canada Public Health Agency. Since the federal election was called there hasn’t been a peep on camera from Canada’s top doctors. Global News has been pushing for answers and our Abigail Bimman is on the campaign trail with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. She asked him why this is no longer happening especially with cases increasing in the fourth wave.

The Conservative campaign made a brief stop in Brantford, Ont. today where Erin O’Toole promised to boost health care funding if elected, pledging $60 billion over the next decade with a big focus on mental health services.

The Conservatives seem to be crossing over into typical NDP territory. In recent days O’Toole has been making a pitch to unionized workers. And as Mike Le Couteur reports, it’s all about securing a broader base.

Kids and teachers across the country are headed back to school but provinces have taken a varied approach as to how classrooms will look like in the fall and whether educators need to be vaccinated. A new study not yet published reveals how sending children back without masks or vaccine mandates will only fuel the Delta variant wave. Jamie Maraucher reports.

Finding affordable housing is a struggle for more and more Canadians and it’s become a hot button issue on the campaign trail. The three major parties all have their take on affordable housing. Anne Gaviola explains what they have to offer and what might actually help Canadians.

Athletic achievements might now be out of reach for women in Afghanistan with their rights and freedoms on the brink of disappearing as the Taliban takes control of the country. And like thousands of others trying to flee, women and girls who play sports will likely face harsh punishment for simply doing what they love. Mike Armstrong reports.

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