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In our top story: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined Western leaders in a G7 emergency meeting about Afghanistan on Tuesday. All of them have been grappling with the urgency of the evacuation and what happens next under Taliban rule. Redmond Shannon reports on what was discussed and what’s next.

Many Canadians are working to help get Afghans who worked with our soldiers – as interpreters and guides – out of Afghanistan. Staying behind almost certainly condemns them to death at the hands of the Taliban. Some have made it out, but as Mike Armstrong reports, others are still pleading for help from Canadian soldiers who are now outside Kabul’s airport.

Without American support, the evacuation mission in Afghanistan would collapse and U.S. President Joe Biden is still sticking to the Aug. 31 deadline. It’s a deadline his administration negotiated with the Taliban for withdrawal. Biden is projecting calm, when the world can see the chaotic, desperate scenes at the airport. Jackson Proskow reports on what has taken place so far, including a recent meeting between the Taliban and the head of the CIA.

We’re now into week two of the federal election campaign and though the first week is usually long forgotten by voting day, it’s worth taking stock of where things stand, which leader has momentum and what issues have thrown campaigns off track. Mercedes Stephenson has insight into the governing Liberals campaign and why it’s working to get things back on the rails.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh used a campaign stop at a long-term care facility in Ontario on Tuesday to make the case for an end to profit-making long-term care homes. More than 14,000 residents in care homes died in the first two waves of the COVID-19 pandemic and all major parties have substantial policy proposals to better protect those living in the residences. David Akin reports.

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