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The Taliban is on a public relations mission. One that has people in Afghanistan skeptical and on edge. Two days after sweeping into the nations capital, the militant group held its first news conference. It’s trying to convince the world that it’s changed. In vehicles once owned by the U.S. backed government, Taliban fighters now patrol the streets of Kabul. Jackson Proskow has more on the situation on the ground in the country.

Justin Trudeau faced a barrage of questions today over the crisis in Afghanistan. He’s been taking heat over refusing to clarify how Canada would view a Taliban government. Mercedes Stephenson reports from the campaign trail.

On the federal election campaign trail today, the Conservatives are selling a consumer policy they hope will win them votes. It is one the party has pitched before – a break from the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Erin O’Toole is proposing his holiday plan to retailers and customers – no federal tax at retail stores throughout December. Abigail Bimman has more.

The NDP is the first campaign to hit the west coast with the party hoping to make some gains in British Columbia. Mike Le Couteur is travelling with Jagmeet Singh in a riding the New Democrats hope to re-claim.

Here’s how leaders strategize: go into ridings where races are tight, campaign in places where there’s opportunity to make gains. It’s still early days, but campaigns really do matter and elections are all about momentum. But for the moment and as Eric Sorensen reports, not much has changed for voters.

National childcare has turned into a forefront issue of Canada’s 44th federal election. In the weeks leading up to the election call, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau already made high-profile, campaign style commitments across several provinces, promising a $10-a-day childcare program. Anne Gaviola reports.

Global News is projecting the Progressive Conservatives, led by Tim Houston, will win the 41st Nova Scotia election. This could end an eight-year run for the provincial Liberals, which have been led by Iain Rankin since February. It also ends the streak of incumbent provincial governments winning pandemic elections across Canada. Ross Lord reports.

Amid the Taliban’s chaotic takeover of Afghanistan, fear continues to loom over Afghan women. Their rights, safety and 20 years of progress are on the brink of being wiped out. But in a live, televised news conference given by the Taliban on Tuesday, a spokesman said women will be allowed to work and to study, but it will be within the framework of Islamic law. As Redmond Shannon explains, women’s rights campaigners in the country say they will only believe it when they see it, given the regime’s brutal history.

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