Global National Full Headlines for August 14

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Haiti has been hit with a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake. The country is still recovering from a deadly quake in 2010, plus the pandemic, food insecurity and its president’s assassination. Jeff Semple talks with Mercy Corps’ Cara Buck, who is on the ground in Haiti.

Canada is home to nearly 200,000 Haitian-Canadians, many of whom are desperately trying to reach family in Haiti, where a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck on Saturday. Dan Spector reports on the efforts underway to send aid Haiti’s way.

The Taliban is advancing across Afghanistan at lightning speed, with fears the militiamen could seize capital Kabul in days. They are being emboldened by the total withdrawal of U.S. troops after nearly 20 years, and pressure is building on President Joe Biden to reverse his decision. Jennifer Johnson reports.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to ask the Governor General to dissolve Parliament, setting the stage for the country’s 44th general election. David Akin looks at what Canadians can expect should election day be called for September 20.

There’s many questions over the federal government’s plans to create a vaccine passport for Canadians who want to travel overseas. Who will get them? How will they work? Jamie Mauracher investigates

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