For Food’s Sake! 3 (Full Episode)

Published on November 15, 2020 by

COVID-19: A Wake-Up Call For The Restaurant Industry?
Growing More Of Our Own Food: Can Singapore Get There?
COVID-19: Are We Too Reliant On Supermarkets For Groceries?
COVID-19: Is The Way We Eat Causing Pandemics?
About For Food’s Sake! 3: COVID-19 is the worst crisis to hit the global food system: farmers saw their produce left to rot, shortages sparked panic buying in the supermarkets, and thousands of restaurants closed for good. While the food disruptions have eased, COVID-19 has woken us up to the many things that are wrong from farm to fork. With his own restaurant business on the line, Chef Ming Tan goes on a mission to find out what needs to change, and uncovers a system ripe for a shake-up.

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