Faith and Fear: Do You Believe In GOD?

Published on February 14, 2021 by

Derren Brown investigates how it works the psychology of religious beliefs.
You will see how he attempt to change the mind of an atheist and performs a satanic ritual.

“Welcome to the official Derren Brown YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe and catch all the amazing moments of magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection & showmanship!

Derren Brown is a British mentalist, illusionist and author. Since his television debut with Derren Brown: Mind Control in 2000 he’s produced multiple series and specials, winning two Laurence Olivier Awards. Derren doesn’t claim to possess any supernatural powers and his acts are often designed to expose the methods of those who do. He often claims his impossible effects are merely achieved through “”magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection, and showmanship””.


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