European countries renew lockdowns as COVID cases keep surging

Published on November 2, 2020 by

Germany is back in a partial coronavirus lockdown. From today until the end of November, social gatherings will be limited to two households. Across the country, bars, restaurants, sports centers and entertainment venues have to remain closed. Hotels are prohibited from providing rooms to tourists. New daily coronavirus infections hit a record 19 thousand at the weekend and the latest measures come in response to what’s being called an exponential rise.

Germany isn’t the only place implementing new restrictions as Europe faces a new wave of infections. France is currently reporting the continent’s highest daily case numbers. In reponse, it has imposed the strictest national lockdown – with all non-essential businesses closed and severe restrictions on movement. People will only be allowed to leave the house for essential work or medical reasons. Spain has implemented a nationwide curfew, but bars and restaurants remain open. People have to stay at home between 11 PM to 6 AM. More severe restrictions are in place in regions with particulary high infection rates. In the UK – the country with the highest death toll in Europe and one of the highest new daily case rates – the government has announced a new national lockdown to take effect from Thursday. Non-essential shops must close. Bars and restaurants can only offer take-out. Schools, universities and construction sites will stay open.

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