Death At Dawn: The Emperor’s Last Battleship

Published on October 31, 2020 by

Premuda, June 10th, 1918 605 am The Szent Istvan is sinking. The most modern battleship of the K.u.K. fleet has been hit by two torpedoes on its maiden voyage. A camera team aboard the Tegetthoff was sent out to film the first deployment of the new battleship. The planned scenes of celebration would instead become a one of a kind documentation of a horrific event. Their original footage forms the basis of this documentary, which recreates and analyses the tragedy. Historical reenactments, filmed on historic ships in Rostock and Athens, help define the atmosphere of the film. Using 3D animation and a diving expedition to the wreck of the Szent Istvan off the coast of Croatia, the filmmakers attempt to resolve the last mysteries of the ship’s destruction.

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