COVID-19 vaccine ‘might not stop the virus from spreading to others’

Published on December 18, 2020 by

Founding President of AAHMS Dr Ian Frazer says the vast amount of people testing positive after receiving the COVID vaccine suggests it’s good at protecting people from getting sick but may not be effective in stopping the virus from spreading.

Mr Frazer said a number of people in at least one of the clinical trials of the vaccine tested positive for the virus but didn’t have any symptoms, which suggested they had become infected after they receiving the jab.

“How infectious they are for other people is not known, but if they tested positive for the virus there’s a reasonable chance, they might be infectious for others,” he said.

“There was a significant number of people who were vaccinated who did test positive for the virus.

“I think we have to assume, at the moment, the vaccine is very good at protecting us from getting sick, but may not be quite so effective at stopping us spread the virus to other people.”

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