China in Focus Full Headlines for September 9

Published on September 9, 2021 by

Landslides wreak havoc across China. Spurred on by heavy rain, they buried houses and damaged roads and bridges.

Over 900 documents verify U.S. funds backed research on various coronaviruses carried out at Wuhan’s infamous Virology Institute.

Chinese real estate companies are going bankrupt. They’ve recently been driven into crisis, as authorities impose new policies on the industry.

Cases of newly diagnosed leukemia appear in China. Doctors made the discovery after the patients got vaccinated.

Four members of a pro-democracy group have been arrested in Hong Kong. It’s the same group that organizes an annual June 4 rally to commemorate those who died in the bloody 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

00:51 Landslides bury houses, residential buildings
01:51 U.S. funded virus research in Wuhan: report
03:24 Biden: China will negotiate deal with Taliban
05:18 Real estate company bankruptcies strike China
06:53 China exports jump in August
07:34 China cracks down on private, online tutoring
09:51 Man diagnosed Leukemia after vaccination
12:22 China students pledge loyalty to CCP weekly
13:17 HK police arrest Tiananmen vigil organizers
15:05 HK pro-democracy group stands its ground
16:46 Ai Weiwei: Credit Suisse closing bank account
18:36 BlackRock responds to Soros’ China criticism
20:33 U.S. victorious in China solar panel disputes

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