China in Focus Full Headlines for September 7

Published on September 7, 2021 by

In a unique sighting in Beijing, a black swan appears in Tiananmen Square, the center of the city. A metaphor often associated with the bird’s presence is stirring speculation.

A Hong Kong actor says he’s giving up his Canadian citizenship. Some call it a show of loyalty toward China’s communist regime.

Beijing bans men it deems aren’t masculine enough for TV—and labels them “girlie guns.”

Britain’s new aircraft carrier arrives in Japan for a permanent military presence in the Indo-Pacific region. This is countering China’s territorial claims.

Two Canadians have been held in Chinese prison for more than 1,000 days. Their supporters rally in Ottawa. The “Two Michaels” were accused of spying in a case that soured diplomatic ties between Canada and China.

00:59 Black swan visits Beijing’s Tiananmen square
02:03 Hong Kong actor gives up dual citizenship
02:42 ‘Sissy’ celebrities banned in China
03:15 Bankrupt Chinese firms withholding refunds
05:45 Lockdown policy changes spark anger w/ locals
06:34 New virus case sparks restrictions in Guangzhou
08:01 Beijing recruited 243 foreign talents in 2020: DOC
09:39 Xi announces Beijing stock exchange
11:02 Apple Daily parent-company board resigns
12:25 Supporters of ‘2 Michaels’ mark day 1,000
14:09 $5.2m fake cartier jewelry seized
14:50 Poland gifts 400,000 vaccines to Taiwan
15:34 Britain shows off aircraft carrier to Japan
17:26 Report warns against relying on China imports
18:14 New german ambassador to China dies
19:16 Competition showcases Chinese dance tradition

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