China in Focus Full Headlines for September 4

Published on September 4, 2021 by

For years, Western investors have almost forgotten something that they’re now being reminded of the hard way—that China is a communist country.

Recent moves by Chinese authorities have sent #ChineseStocks plummeting—washing away billions of dollars and causing many to question: is China still investment-worthy?

#UnderseaCable concerns—An island-country in the western Pacific Ocean plans to tap U.S. funding, to construct communication cable stretching along the ocean floor. This, after the nation rejected a Chinese company-led proposal over security threats.

And the European Union may be seeing a “historic leap” forward in its relationship with Taiwan.

00:32 Is China still investment worthy?
03:45 U.S. money tapped for Pacific undersea cable
06:13 EU, Taiwan may strengthen political ties
07:19 Weibo enforces new wave of speech control
09:24 Chinese economist opposes planned economy
10:22 China’s SMIC to invest $8.9B in chip plant
11:09 N. Korea rejects 3 million Chinese VAX doses
11:46 Wild elephants finally approaching home

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