China in Focus Full Headlines for September 30

Published on September 30, 2021 by

A new team is formed by the World Health Organization. Its goal is to push forward a new phase of study on the origin of the pandemic.

Three pet cats test positive for the virus in China. But authorities quickly stepped in, putting the animals down despite their owner’s objections.

A rocket launch fails in China. It’s the fourth this year for Beijing.

What do China’s ugliest buildings look like? An annual competition titled “China’s Top 10 Ugliest Buildings” is showing them off.

Following fierce accusations, U.S. General Mark Milley defends his phone calls with China. He called them an effort to avoid conflict.

Japan will soon have a new leader. The incoming prime minister has pledged to counter Beijing’s growing influence.

01:59 W.H.O. announces pandemic origin study phase 2
03:17 3 virus-positive pet cats killed in China
04:50 Rocket wreckage falls in residential area
06:03 Evergrande vendor sells home to save business
09:18 2021 ten ugliest buildings competition
11:18 U.S. general Milley defends calls with China
13:07 U.S. accuses Beijing of curbing purchases
14:16 Japan’s incoming PM vows to counter China
16:23 China BRI is losing momentum
18:03 Controversy over Confucius institute funding
20:59 UK to oust China’s CGN from nuclear stake

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