China in Focus Full Headlines for September 28

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Canada and China exchange detainees. Canada releases Chinese telecom giant Huawei’s CFO, while Beijing lets two detained Canadian citizens go home.

Chinese state-owned media outlets are calling the incident a win for China, even daring to tell Canada to learn from the incident.

Some Apple and Tesla suppliers halt production in China amid widespread power outages. And in some parts of the country, the blackouts are now impacting residents.

In another Chinese clampdown on a major company, the company’s leaders have already been hauled off by police over debt estimated at $100 billion.

Police-like law enforcement staff are caught red-handed on camera, sparking concerns online. A video shows them harassing street merchants, including an old woman.

00:54 Canadians released after Huawei CFO’s release
03:37 Chinese media: Meng’s release a win for China
05:23 Apple, Tesla suppliers halt production in China
06:50 Power crunch extends to Northeastern China
08:42 Chinese police take way giant’s chairman, CEO
10:19 Police-like law enforcers abuse merchants: video
12:11 Human rights lawyer suffers in ‘living hell’
14:35 Forced organ harvesting: billions for Beijing
17:38 Wuhan lab planned to release viruses in bat caves in 2018: Doc
21:35 House approves 2022 national defense auth act
22:51 Germany investigates Xiaomi over security concerns

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