China in Focus Full Headlines for September 20

Published on September 21, 2021 by

Leaders and politicians from around the world are calling for action against Beijing’s #HumanRightsAbuses, as China’s practice of organ harvesting from non-consenting donors has been largely ignored for years.

A major U.S. film studio is looking toward China’s checkbook. Universal Studios’ largest resort sees its grand opening in Beijing, despite deteriorating U.S.-China relations.

China, the United States, and other nations around the world are facing off over next-gen technology. They’re competing for first place in developing 6G telecom networks, and a Chinese tech giant is eyeing the lead.

Beijing is hoping to join a major Pacific trade pact. But not everyone is on board.

01:11 CCP’s transplant trade: commercialized murder
04:28 Universal opens its largest park in Beijing
05:40 Wikipedia bans users for pro-CCP infiltration
07:28 IMF chief in spotlight over China report
08:31 Huawei eyes lead in 6G technology race
10:45 China applying to join major Asia trade pact
13:41 Taiwan considers taking China to WTO over ban
14:45 AUKUS: France pulls out of UK defence talks
17:38 HK kicks off first ‘patriots only’ election
19:23 HK arrests 3 prisoner-support group members
22:12 DiDi co-founder Liu plans to quit: report
22:55 U.S. customs seize 86 fake championship rings

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