China in Focus Full Headlines for September 18

Published on September 18, 2021 by

China has been on a buying spree for seaports around the world. But what’s driving it? As the world’s largest export nation, China’s concerned about keeping shipping lanes open. But is there more to it?

The top U.S. military officer defends his controversial phone calls to Beijing earlier this year, saying he acted within his duties.

Beijing’s overseas mouthpiece is teaching parents how to educate their kids on racism. That’s through an English-language cartoon. But a U.S. nonprofit is sounding the alarm about its message.

And will Chinese real estate giant Evergrande be the next Lehman Brothers? Or is it, “too big to fail?” An expert explains.

00:47 China looks to weaponize global infrastructure: report
03:31 Milley defends China calls as within duties
05:16 Beijing’s mouthpiece promotes CRT in cartoon
08:50 U.S. sanctions 7 HK-based companies over Iran
09:20 Evergrande group crisis getting worse

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