China in Focus Full Headlines for September 17

Published on September 17, 2021 by

A new security deal forms between the United States, the UK, and Australia, seemingly to counter communist China. Under it, Australia acquires nuclear-powered submarines.

The European Union boosts efforts to rival the influence Beijing has gained through its Belt and Road Initiative.

International voices calling to support Taiwan are getting louder, as more push to help defend the island.

At the same time, Beijing is seeking a new national image. Officials are even trying to create so-called “new forms of human civilization.”

00:55 U.S., UK, Aus form new security partnership
03:04 Countries react to new Indo-Pacific alliance
05:14 Europe to more actively counter Beijing
06:10 Europe seeking to strengthen Taiwan ties
07:51 U.S. backs Lithuania against China pressure
08:51 Taiwan plans $9b boost in arms spending
09:50 China seeking a new national image: report
11:22 Marvel movie star faces backlash from China
13:40 U.S. Open champion sends message in Mandarin
14:33 Billions blown as Macau casinos under review
16:53 Customs nabs fake vax cards from China
17:32 TikTok faces new EU probe over kids’ data
18:46 UK: Huawei has ‘infiltrated’ Cambridge
20:09 Universities fear for remote Chinese students
20:59 Earthquake strikes South China province

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