China in Focus Full Headlines for September 16

Published on September 16, 2021 by

A top U.S. general is in hot water. A report says he secretly called his Chinese counterpart twice. During those calls, he reportedly said he’d inform China should the United States decide to attack.

Taiwan seems to be taking Beijing’s aggression seriously. New military drills are gearing up for a specific scenario: in the case of China taking out the island’s military airfields.

Fifteen high-rises in China have now been blasted to pieces. The buildings had been sitting unfinished for over eight years.

A Chinese Communist Party media mouthpiece officially labels U.S. billionaire investor George Soros a “terrorist,” after Soros angered Beijing.

00:47 Biden stands by Gen. Milley after China calls
04:19 Gen. Milley asked to resign over China calls
05:14 Taiwan practices Chinese invasion drills
06:26 North Korea launches more missiles
08:56 The CCP calls Soros ‘the son of Satan’
10:16 China: 15 buildings demolished in 45 seconds
12:13 Recording exposes judicial rights violation
15:27 Chinese court rules against metoo plaintiff
17:54 HK pro-democracy activists sentenced to jail
18:54 GOP: end reliance on China for rare minerals
21:18 Chinese ambassador banned from parliament
23:08 Why is China cracking down on Chinese companies?

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