China in Focus Full Headlines for September 15

Published on September 15, 2021 by

Chinese warships have entered America’s exclusive economic zone. Chinese state-run media are calling it a countermeasure against the United States.

A Chinese ship rams into a Japanese ship after coast guard ships from both countries had a confrontation over disputed territory.

Wikipedia is banning a group of article editors from mainland China. The users reportedly threatened to doxx and report Hong Kong users over political disagreements.

A Chinese man says he learned about Hong Kong’s fight for freedom through foreign social media. But after he voiced his support online, something went wrong.

A college graduate from Hong Kong tells NTD her story after fleeing to the United States to avoid the Chinese Communist Party’s oppression.

00:49 Chinese warships go into U.S. economic zone
02:31 Chinese ship crashes into Japanese ship
03:02 Chinese destroyer spotted near Japan
03:59 Wikipedia bans 7 Chinese editors over threats
05:55 Man detained over HK pro-democracy tweets
09:25 Virus cases double in China’s Fujian province
10:49 HK college graduate in U.S.: we won’t give up
13:51 Sec fines companies tied to Chinese exile
15:11 China planning to develop Afghanistan mine
15:52 China removing landmines along Burmese border
17:12 N. Korea grabs attention w/ missile launches
20:36 Peruvian terrorist group leader dies at 86

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