China in Focus Full Headlines for October 8

Published on October 8, 2021 by

Floods and landslides continue to plague parts of China. To make the situation worse, authorities are discharging water from local reservoirs, with little to no warning ahead of time.

A newly built house is torn down in China. Police reportedly beat up the owner—who’s disabled—and his elderly parents.

Some overseas Chinese people are running scams on dating websites. As a consequence, Chinese authorities are destroying their homes to force them to return to China.

Controversial Chinese tech giant Huawei is hiring a former BBC news executive to help it brush up its international image.

In a blow to China’s nuclear ambitions, the United States blocks China’s largest nuclear company from sourcing crucial materials from the United States.

01:16 Floods cause damage in Northern China
03:31 Authorities forcibly demolish new house, beat owner
04:58 Xi Jinping cracks down on scammers
05:42 Document lists illegal activities by Chinese police
07:51 Huawei hires former BBC Exec. as editor-in-chief
08:58 U.S. blocks CGN from getting nuclear materials
10:53 U.S. navy head: China is a top threat
12:16 European firms consider moving staff from HK
13:33 Taiwan seeks support after Chinese incursions
15:44 New Zealand sails through South China Sea
16:37 Dems want new fees for federal land mining
19:31 French senators warn of Beijing’s influence
22:14 Chinese student charged w/ U.S. church arson

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