China in Focus Full Headlines for October 7

Published on October 7, 2021 by

In China’s Shanxi Province, authorities warn of more landslides to come as the region faces continued heavy rains.

Another deadly infectious disease has appeared in China. The bacteria was transmitted from birds to humans.

For the first time, a Chinese police officer is speaking out about the torture of Uyghur detainees—something he says he was routinely ordered to perform.

Beijing might be ready for a “full-scale” invasion of Taiwan by 2025, based on a warning from the Taiwanese defense minister. But how are Taiwanese people responding? And what does President Joe Biden have to say?

Japan is taking action to deter Beijing. The country has stayed strictly on the defensive after World War II. But it may soon update that strategy to cope with Beijing’s aggression.

00:54 Massive #Landslide in China’s Shanxi
01:42 ‘Parrot Fever’ kills one in China
02:41 Chinese whistleblower confesses to Uyghur torture
10:37 Minister: China could invade Taiwan by 2025
12:23 Biden remarks on U.S.-China ‘Taiwan Agreement’
13:44 French senators begin 5-day visit to Taiwan
14:51 Japan moves to deter the Chinese regime
16:15 N. Korea vows to strengthen ties with China
16:40 Chair of tainted milk brand may be released
17:42 China’s Tianjin: house buyers demand answers
20:48 Pandora papers leak names 2 former HK leaders

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