China in Focus Full Headlines for October 6

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A landslide destroys nearly 200 homes in Northwest China, and the situation may be even worse than official reports describe.

Northeast China endures similar inclement weather, as the area gets drenched by heavy rain.

Another Chinese real estate developer has failed to pay millions of dollars in debt. The company’s financials have triggered fear about the health of the sector.

As intermittent power shortages wreak havoc, China loosens its unofficial ban on Australian coal.

At the same time, the country is looking to buy even more coal elsewhere—and commits to its first-ever purchase from a small Asian nation.

Concerns rise over a new U.S.–China trade plan. After months of planning, some say it doesn’t outline enough specifics.

01:12 Heavy rain triggers landslides, destroys buildings
02:21 Heavy rain hits north China province
03:20 Tourists trapped in Xinjiang, 2 virus cases found
04:48 Chinese luxury developer Fantasia defaults
07:11 Chinese celebrate downfall of powerful official
08:43 Businesses sector: US-China trade plan too vague
10:42 China unloads banned Australian coal amid shortage
12:21 China imports 1st Kazakhstan coal shipment
13:28 Taiwan: we must stay on alert over China
15:19 Taiwan ambassador: China tensions ‘a hot war’
16:25 U.S. confirms alliance with new Japan PM
17:25 U.S., allies perform Indo-Pacific military drills
18:18 Uyghurs protest Beijing Olympics in Munich
19:07 NIH director Francis Collins to resign

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