China in Focus Full Headlines for October 30

Published on October 30, 2021 by

High-tech devices, used for monitoring citizens. Beijing is reportedly installing a new kind of gear on residents’ homes. Its job? Alerting authorities whenever a quarantined person tries to leave their home.

In parts of China, locals are running low on food amid another lockdown. Some are quarantined in hotels, and must pay for everything out of pocket.

Increasing soldier benefits, adjusting national defense laws… a series of military-related moves by China is raising concerns. Some say the Communist regime is shifting towards wartime policy.

And in this week’s special report, we look at state-run news outlets in China who are getting creative with their reports. Their seemingly picture-perfect news coverage may actually be carefully pre-arranged—revealed by a handful of accidents caught on tape.

00:05 Locals running out of food amid lockdown
01:58 China ramps up virus control to new heights
03:21 CCP virus hits Northeast China again
04:21 Multi-block mall locked down in China
05:16 China shifts towards wartime policy?
08:00 Official: U.S. to help Taiwan defend itself
09:07 Xi to speak at G20 summit via video link
10:03 GE appliances to add 1K jobs in Kentucky
11:24 Examining China’s fake news

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