China in Focus Full Headlines for October 29

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Amid high tensions between China and Taiwan, President Tsai Ing-wen answers a question that no Taiwanese president has in the past 40 years: whether American troops are stationed on Taiwanese soil.

A veteran in Taiwan tells how, as a soldier, he shot from an island at Chinese ships. That spot lies just 2 miles from China’s coast.

U.S. President Joe Biden says America’s commitment to Taiwan is “rock solid.”

In a major stock fall, China’s largest tech company Alibaba has lost nearly $350 billion in the world’s biggest wipeout.

Flooding, power shortages, and strict pandemic prevention measures are all sending food prices soaring in China. Some vegetables are reportedly twice as expensive as before.

A renowned doctor in Australia urges banning all Chinese surgeons from Western hospitals, saying they knowingly help cover up communist China’s forced organ harvesting industry.

01:03 President Tsai: U.S. troops are in Taiwan
03:36 War scars on Taiwan’s front line with China
05:35 Biden: U.S. commitment to Taiwan is ‘rock solid’
06:06 Top U.S. general confirms China’s weapons test
08:02 Taiwan’s foreign minister visits Europe
09:06 New Zealand open to joining AUKUS pact
09:39 Blinken details state department priorities
10:58 Alibaba yearly stock loss breaks record
12:03 China’s top tutoring company under clampdown
13:02 Chinese vegetable prices skyrocket
14:58 Beijing marathon postponed due to CCP virus
15:39 China to vax children as young as 3 years old
16:20 HK widens security law: new bank disclosures
17:19 Top Aus. surgeon: ban all Chinese doctors
19:16 U.S. company removes Chinese card readers
20:11 150 arrested for darknet drug trafficking
21:30 Beijing starts 100 day winter Olympics countdown
22:35 Lululemon unveils Canada’s Olympic outfits
23:20 Greece holds Athens talks w/ Chinese minister

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