China in Focus Full Headlines for October 28

Published on October 28, 2021 by

A letter is adding fuel to one of the most controversial debates in the United States: whether American taxpayers’ money was used to fund dangerous research inside the Wuhan lab.

An energy initiative is up for discussion at the next G20 summit. It suggests cutting CO2 emissions in half by 2030. But an expert says it could harm Europe, all for China’s benefit.

Beijing claims the United States is sending a majorly wrong message to Taiwan. That’s after the U.S. Secretary of State urged U.N. members to support Taiwan and its possible participation in the organization.

TikTok says it doesn’t hand American user data over to China. But one company executive’s testimony didn’t make the grade, according to one senator.

A Chinese language song has become an internet sensation. It’s a satire against the Chinese regime, posed as an innocent romance tune. We dissect the lyrics and examine what its metaphors really mean.

01:04 Did NIH fund risky virus study in Wuhan?
05:03 NIH wipes detailed G.O.F. research page
07:05 China, Russia not to attend G20, climate Con.
08:45 Green transition may benefit China
11:27 Beijing denounces U.S. call to support Taiwan
12:08 TikTok exec. testifies on China espionage
14:11 U.S. bans top Chinese telecom company
15:26 Song mocking China’s online troll army goes viral
20:42 Think tank head: Beijing is waging a war on faith

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