China in Focus Full Headlines for October 27

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China reports its fourth explosion in just one week—this time, at a chemical plant.

China has a new military ambition. Party leader Xi Jinping is calling for new military equipment and weapons, part of his plan to build what he calls a “world-class” army.

President Joe Biden is committed to avoiding confrontation with China, according to his top Asia diplomat. He said Washington and Beijing should “build confidence” and be able to communicate in a crisis.

An NBA star player is calling out Nike. The player accuses the sports brand of using slave labor in China.

A celebrity sex scandal rocks China’s internet. But some suspect Beijing’s propaganda system is fanning the flames, and redirecting the public’s attention from other crises.

01:25 Explosion strikes North China chemical plant
02:41 Man kills 7, including a CCP chief: China
04:23 Bird flu variant sparks alarm in China
05:22 Yahoo app removed from Chinese apple store
06:20 NBA star calls on Nike to stop slavery in China
07:11 NBA history in China: Celtics player calls out CCP
10:23 China’s Xi calls for new progress in weapons
10:48 Biden to avoid China-confrontation: official
11:41 Analyst: Li Yundi’s arrest more than a scandal
16:11 One Chinese company emitted more CO2 than UK
18:02 Volvo scales back IPO size after controversy
19:24 Beijing urges U.S. to lift Taliban sanctions
20:26 Treasury Sec. Yellen speaks with China

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