China in Focus Full Headlines for October 26

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Several explosions and fires flared up in China over the weekend. From the north to the east, the country saw three separate accidental blasts. Many were killed and wounded.

Australia says it will stand with the United States if China attacks Taiwan. The country reiterated it has “been with the United States through every major battle in the 21st century.”

Taiwan and the Czech Republic are strengthening their diplomatic relations in a move angering Beijing. To mark the talks, a Taiwanese minister made an official visit to Prague.

International rights group Amnesty International announces plans to close its Hong Kong offices due to concerns over deteriorating freedom in the city.

Beijing appears to push a new pandemic narrative: that the virus origin tracks back to American seafood. The latest claim comes after a series of others, with the regime having blamed at least four other countries in the past.

01:03 Chinese laboratory blast kills 2, injures 9
01:56 2 killed, 7 injured in gas blast in China
02:44 Fire destroys shops in Eastern Chinese city
03:13 Australia: would stand w/ U.S. in China conflict
04:12 Taiwan, Czech republic to deepen economic relations
06:35 U.S. wants to help Taiwan participate more in U.N.
08:44 Tokyo keeps watch on Russia, China navy ships
10:07 Amnesty to shut HK offices over risks
11:56 Oxford researcher sheds light on China disinformation
14:25 China: entire community undergoes quarantine
15:37 Evergrande resumes work on over 10 projects
16:10 GOP pushing bill for more us manufacturing
18:34 Educating businesses that deal with China
19:17 Apple’s talks w/ China suppliers stalled: sources

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