China in Focus Full Headlines for October 22

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A big explosion in a northern Chinese city left buildings destroyed. People covered in blood were seen carried away in ambulances. ​​

China turns to the United States for help amid a power crisis. Beijing is set to double its import of natural gas from America through deals with an American energy company.

China’s coal price tripled at its highest point. Authorities intervened, solving the problem for now. But they might have made another problem worse.

The Boston Celtics’ Enes Kanter is calling out the Chinese regime’s treatment of Tibetans. Celtics games are reportedly already being pulled in China.

Japanese companies are in the spotlight. One has been fined $100,000 by China for choosing a wrong date for a new product launch. The other company is investing billions of dollars in the United States.

00:55 Gas explosion in China shatters city block
02:50 Beijing intervenes amid soaring coal prices
04:26 China signs big energy deals w/ U.S. producer
05:16 1st Chinese spy agent extradited to U.S.
06:23 NBA player calls Xi Jinping ‘brutal dictator’
08:56 U.S. Amb. to Beijing nominee stands for Taiwan
10:30 NATO to expand focus to counter Beijing
11:31 Taiwan’s after–vax reaction cases explained
12:35 China fines Sony for product launch timing
13:20 Toyota to invest $3.4b on U.S. car batteries
13:53 CCP a threat to universities: French senator
16:28 More Chinese real estate developers default
18:46 Volvo sets IPO price range, seeking $23B valuation

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