China in Focus Full Headlines for October 2

Published on October 2, 2021 by

A statement from China suggests you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than to experience adverse reactions from Chinese-made vaccines. But a number of reports say otherwise. In our special report we look into unreported stories of those who say Chinese vaccines aren’t so harmless after all.

October 1st marks a major day for Asia. The Chinese Communist Party refers to it as ‘National Day’—the anniversary of the founding of the regime in Mainland China. Taiwan views it as a day of mourning. And in Hong Kong, some people are protesting in public this year.

00:49 Adverse reactions, deaths after getting Chinese VAX
02:26 HK: pro-democracy protest on ‘national day’
03:56 China sends 38 military planes toward Taiwan
04:51 China slams Taiwanese foreign minister
06:36 Taiwan aims to counter Communism
08:16 Protesters against Boston flying Chinese flag
09:33 Beijing ramps up suppression near national day
12:01 Chinese manufacturing industry shrinks

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