China in Focus Full Headlines for October 19

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America’s defense chief reacts to news of a potential nuclear threat after Beijing reportedly tested a new weapon that can help it avoid the U.S. missile defense system.

A Chinese fugitive dies as police close in. Despite allegedly killing two neighbors, his desperate story has won public sympathy. And his death triggered an outrage on social media.

Part of hit-series Squid Game may be coming true in China. The blood-soaked organ harvesting scene in the fictitious Netflix success is happening in real life, with mainly Uyghurs and Falun Gong practitioners cast as the victims.

“No Genocide Games!” protesters chanted as they broke into the torch-lighting ceremony in Athens, ahead of Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics.

A German politician sounds an alert. He said Beijing was using a term the Nazis had used for Jewish people, but adds that this time, Taiwan is the target.

01:35 U.S. responds to report of China weapon test
03:26 Chinese fugitive dies after police approach
06:12 Building demolished before evacuation: China
07:10 Organ harvesting in China: kill-to-order
09:01 Japan to expand air defense systems
09:52 Beijing uses Nazi language: German politician
10:51 2 arrested for protesting Beijing Olympics
13:00 Asian countries concerned over Aussie plan
14:12 China’s economy stumbles on power, property
15:40 2 men arrested for criticizing CCP blockbuster
17:22 U.S. elected to U.N. human rights council
20:14 Calif. event calling for Hong Kong freedom

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